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Most Common Technology Requests

Website Creation - Custom Apps - Custom Email
Website on Laptop

Website Creation

Ground-up website creation generally starts with an understanding of the needs for a site; e-commerce, informational, lead generating, etc.  Once a direction is established the site framework can be setup.  Finally, content (artwork, colors, fonts, messaging, etc) is created and added to its appropriate place.

Computer Programming

Custom Apps

We don't mean phone app, we mean custom applications, which can range from stand-alone applications used to automate individual tasks to connectors and APIs that allow two or more programs to communicate with one another (no human required).  These are useful when mundane tasks need to be eliminated; like copying and pasting data from one system to another.

Image by Webaroo

Custom Email

Just like a business card, your email address tells the world what to expect from you. isn't going to cut it.  It is relatively inexpensive to look like a true professional with an email address that matches your website.

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