Most Common Apparel Decoration Methods

Screen Printing - Embroidery - Heat Transfer Vinyl - Full Color Prints


Most commonly used in to suit the needs of professionals.  Corporate functions and sales teams are best suited for this decoration method.  Common items to be embroidered are polos, jackets, and caps.  Embroidered Apparel has a tendency to represent a higher level of professionalism compared to all other forms of decoration.

Screen Printing

This is the industry standard and has been for decades.  Pricing generally fluctuates based on total quantity of apparel,  print locations, and the number of colors printed.  Our designers have years of experience taking individuals and companies artwork and preparing that art for screen printing, offering you cost saving options along the way.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

This decoration method is generally reserved to allow us to print your job regardless of quantity.  Most screen printing companies will require a minimum order, not us, and this is how.  Heat Transfer Vinyl also allows us to print full-color images on your apparel, as well as print names and numbers on your sports jerseys.